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Language policies

- Training in the use of the company’s written language policy in English.

Target group:
People who write a lot and require an update and training in the use of the company’s language policy in English.

Course target:
An example of a course objective might be:

To be able to use the company’s rules concerning its language policy in English correctly.

Concrete objectives for the training are drawn up after an initial proficiency test.

The course content can include:

  • Review of the company’s types of correspondence
  • Review of the participants’ types of correspondence
  • Internal and external communication
  • Use of specific formulations
  • Use of the company’s specific terms
  • Use of special terms and expressions
  • Grammatical and syntactical options in connection with the participants’ subject area
  • Vocabulary training
  • Types of writing
  • Emails
  • Letters
  • Presentations
  • Specialised and technical descriptions
  • Summaries
  • Reports
  • Memos

The choice of texts is based on the company’s material and subject area.

The number, frequency and time of lessons are arranged.

1-6 participants

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