In order to be able to deliver these to our clients, we focus on four main areas:

Our instructors have a university or business school degree in the language in which they teach. They also have a solid basis of teaching experience, which allows them to teach effectively. This combination of knowledge and experience means that they know exactly where to concentrate their efforts during a training course to achieve the desired results.  

Training method
Throughout the whole process our training is focused on the learning experience of the individual participants and the optimal way for them to achieve this. Regular checks are made to ensure that the material has been learnt successfully. This ensures that results are achieved in the shortest time and most effective way possible.

Courses and product combination
We have a varied selection of courses and a combination of language products that match the needs for language skills of national and international companies  - both general and specialised.

Measurability and measurable results
We think that the impact and benefit of training should be measurable.

By being able to measure the results achieved we are able to give our clients confidence in their investment – in terms of both time and money.