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Participants' own area of specialisation (oral)

Special language and terminology within a specific subject area
- Oral training -

Course participants’ area of specialisation

Target Group:
People who work within a particular area of specialisation and who wish to achieve confidence when using the specific terminology of this area.

Course target:
An example of a course objective might be:

To be able to communicate with linguistic confidence in connection with a specific subject area in meetings, conversations and negotiations.

Concrete objectives for the training are drawn up after an initial proficiency test.

The course content can include:

  • discussion, debate and conversation training in connection with course participants’ area of specialisation.
  • summaries
  • training in reading about a particular subject area
  • vocabulary training
  • oral presentations
  • training in the use of terminology and of special terms and expressions in connection with the specific subject area

The choice of texts is based on specialist magazines within the area and on the course participants’ and companies’ specific material.

The subject area and material can include:

  • Specific labour market terminology
  • Terminology related to a specific sector or industry
  • Economic and financial areas
  • Accountancy and auditing
  • Management, leadership
  • HR
  • IT
  • Legal language
  • Quality management and quality control
  • Logistics
  • Politics - national og international
  • Sales and marketing
  • Technical language
  • Medical language
  • Insurance language

The number, frequency and time of lessons are arranged. 

1-6 participants

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