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GMAT-Graduate Management Admission Test-preparation for exam

GMAT Exam – exam preparation

- Graduate Management Admission Test

Target group:
People who need proof of their language skills with a view to enrolling on an MBA course at an international Business School.

Course target:
To be able to pass the GMAT.

Concrete objectives for the training are drawn up after an initial proficiency test.

The course content will cover:

  • Discussion, debate and conversation training relating to the GMAT material
  • Summaries
  • Reading training involving selected subject areas
  • Vocabulary training
  • Oral presentations
  • Larger presentations
  • Tests
  • Written formulation and communication involving selected subject areas
  • Training in the use of terminology and specific terms and expressions in connection with selected subject areas

The number, frequency and time of lessons are arranged. 

1-6 participants

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