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Written communication in Danish

-Do you want to be able to communicate in a clear and accommodating language?

Target Group:
People who communicate a lot in writing with everyday correspondence, presentation material, writing of minutes etc.

Course target:
To enable participants to get a message across in writing in a clear, accurate and unambiguous language.

Concrete objectives for the training are drawn up before the start of the course.

The course content can include:

  • Review of problems from participants’ texts
  • What is a clear message?
  • Different ways in which to get a message across
  • Language and its devices
  • Vital and accommodating language
  • Training of brevity in language
  • Different types of correspondence
  • Training of vital language and short messages
  • Sentence structure
  • Selected grammatical areas
  • Techniques of note-taking
  • E-mails
  • Theory
  • Exercises

2 days = 20 lessons, from 9.00 – 16.30

2 – 12 participants

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