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Presentation skills in English

- Do you wish to capture your audience’s attention – in English?

Target Group:
Persons who wish to be able to present a topic, a product or a concept to a larger audience in a professional manner - with linguistic precision and technical confidence.

Course target:
To be able to deliver presentations in English with linguistic precision and technical confidence – and to be conscious of rhetorical and stylistic tools.

In order to target and adapt the teaching to the needs of the participants, every participant is tested before the course.

The course includes specific points, such as:

  • A short introduction to basic body language and voice production
  • Internal and external communication
  • Speaking in different business cultures
  • Synonyms, terminology and precision vocabulary
  • Discussion about powerful elements, pitfalls, and nuances in presentations
  • Individual training in various types of presentations
  • Identification of personal style
  • Body language and cultural differences in perception
  • Persuasive strategies – arguments that work. Which tactics do I apply?
  • Linguistic and technical training: how to deal with questions after a presentation
  • Theory
  • Exercises

2 days = 20 lessons, from 9.00 – 16.30 hrs.

2 – 12 participants

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