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Financial English

- Are you looking to increase your ability to discuss current financial

Target group:
People who wish to become more confident when discussing financial issues in English.

Course target:
To get an update on and to discuss the main issues affecting the financial sector, in order to facilitate participation in meetings, negotiations and general conversation.

In order to target and adapt the teaching to the needs of the participants, every participant is tested before the course.

Typically, 50% of the course content will involve the participants’ own organisation: 

  • Your organisation’s own area of expertise
  • Participants’ own presentations
  • Your organisation’s products
  • Vocabulary training
  • The remaining 50% will cover more general issues and topical cases, such as:
  • Financial crisis – causes and consequences
  • Ethics in finance
  • Denmark and the euro – better out than in?
  • Financial regulation – is there a need for a heavier hand?

2 days = 20 lessons, from 9.00 – 16.30 hrs.

2 – 12 participants

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