Danish grammar and punctuation

- ”Do you say udfra or ud fra? Should the comma come before or after fordi? How many –er’s should there be on a barber, when there are several of them? Do you say kan køre, han kører and at køre? – or do you need more r’s on them?”

Target group:
People who communicate a lot in writing and who want simple, usable rules for writing Danish.

Course target:
To be able to apply correctly the rules for writing Danish.
Concrete objectives for the training are drawn up before the start of the course.

  • Review of participants’ texts
  • Basic grammatical rules
  • Review of word classes
  • Syntax
  • Inflections: special focus on verbs, nouns and adjectives
  • One or more words, compound words.
  • Tricky word combinations
  • Punctuation rules – especially commas
  • Spelling rules
  • Formulating and communicating
  • Usable mnemonic rules
  • Individual needs and wishes
  • Theory
  • Exercises

2 days = 20 lessons, from 9.00 – 16.30
2 – 12 participants