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Language support and training before an upcoming presentation or negotiation

- a short training course focused on a specific subject

Target Group:
One or more people who are about to embark upon a project, programme or assignment and who require linguistic support and fine-tuning.

Course target:
An example of a course objective might be:

  • To become ready linguistically for, for example, a forthcoming presentation or a specific meeting or negotiation situation. Language coaching can also be used as a support function when preparing a specialised or technical presentation.

The course is planned and carried out based on material concerning the project.

The participants’ projects can involve:

  • Language of presentations
  • Language of meetings and negotiations
  • Support for the preparation of projects involving technical or specialised issues
  • Language, voice and body language
  • Linguistic pitfalls 
  • Linguistic sophistication

The form of the training depends on the type of the project. In general the training will switch between such things as theory, exercises, presentations and discussions. 

Material concerning the project is to be sent to Master-Ling before the start of the training course.

Time and day to be arranged.

1 session of 6 lessons or 2 sessions of 3 lessons

1-4 participants

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