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- Danish for foreign employees

Target group:
The course is aimed at foreign employees who work in the private or public sector and who wish to be able to speak Danish.

Course target:
An example of a course objective might be:

  • To be able to participate in conversations in everyday and work-related contexts.

Concrete objectives for the training are drawn up at the start of the course.

The course content can include:

  • Conversation training
  • Pronunciation training
  • Vocabulary training
  • Grammar exercises

Topics covered can include:

  • Everyday situations
  • Everyday topics of discussion
  • Business culture
  • Current events
  • Culture, cultural differences and social conventions
  • Business themes in Denmark

The number, frequency and time of lessons are arranged.

To obtain the optimal effect and yield, we recommend:

At least 60 lessons for people who have no knowledge of the new language. 

That the course of training is as intensive as possible from the start: 1 x 4 lessons several times a week

1-6 participants

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