Written assignments

- E-learning with or without face-to-face teaching

Target Group:
The course is for people who write e-mails and letters in English and who wish to be able to write with greater correctness and accuracy.

Course target:
An example of a course objective might be:

  • the ability to do daily written work, e.g. e-mails, letters, summaries and reports, in a correct and concise language

Concrete objectives for the training are drawn up after an initial proficiency test.


  • Grammar exercises
  • Translations
  • Summaries
  • Written assignments
  • Transcriptions
  • Exercises in vocabulary and expressions  
  • Participant’s own daily work.
  • Course of training: 
  • Training is carried out by e-mail.

1 participant

The sets of written assignments may be supplemented with oral training.

The number of sets will be arranged on an individual basis.

Suggestion: The participant completes a set of written assignments every week or every two weeks. When oral training is required, the participant communicates online with the instructor after every 2 or 3 sets.