SPECIAL COURSES (TYPE 3) Preparation for PD3

Course content:

This course is an intensive exam preparation course for participants who want to take the Test in Danish 3. We work with all three subtests: reading, comprehension, and written and oral communication. We use previous PD3 exam assignments, so the participant becomes familiar with the form. At the course, one will typically answer 3 whole test sets. In addition, presentation skills and actual participant personal presentations are practiced.

Similar courses can be held for PD1, PD2 and the STUDIEPRØVEN (Advanced Danish examination).

Participant's linguistic starting point

For participants who master Danish at B1 + / B2 level. You can read more about the levels in the Common European Framework of Reference.

This is how it works:

Courses are held in connection with the examination semesters in May/June and November/December, so that the focus is first on the written aspect, and intensive work is then done regarding oral skills after the written examination is completed.

The teaching can take place with physical meetings at the participant's workplace or online via Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

The number of lessons is agreed upon when the participant has completed the initial language test.

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