SPECIAL COURSES (TYPE 3) Danish professional language

Course content:

In this course, a participant expands his/her professional vocabulary in Danish, so that greater linguistic security is achieved in work situations.

The purpose is for the participant to be able to perform in their workplace, whether it is small talk with colleagues or meetings with professional content and terminology.

Depending on the participant's level and wishes, presentations, fictitious meeting situations, presentations, etc. can be included in the course.

Topics can be, for example:

Vocabulary within the participant's professional area
Writing professional reports in Danish
Current debates within the participant's subject area
Product descriptions, job descriptions, manuals
Negotiation situations

Participant's linguistic starting point

In order for a participant to get the most out of the course, we recommend that the participant speaks Danish at level B2 or higher. You can read more about the levels in the Common European Framework of Reference.

This is how it works:

The teaching can take place with physical meetings at the participant's workplace or online via Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

The number of lessons is agreed upon when the participant has completed the initial language test.

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