(TYPE 6) Written Danish with assignment packages and language coaching

Course content:

A course for participants who need to strengthen their written communication in Danish. The course will typically contain nine written assignment packages, which will be sent to the participant via e-mail.

After every third assignment package, the participant and teacher meet to discuss and work with the topics that challenge the participant in 3 x 2 language coaching lessons.

Each set of written assignments typically includes:

1-2 grammatical exercises
1 translation (can be omitted as translation is only relevant at some courses)
1 transcript of heard material, such as an audio file or podcast
1 assignment using free formulation; a summary or minutes of an enclosed article, TV broadcast or the like

The participant's linguistic starting point

The course is for participants at all levels, but it is recommended that the participant speaks Danish at level A2 (Advanced Beginner) or higher. You can read more about the levels in the Common European Framework of Reference.

This is how it works:

The written assignment packages are sent and answered via e-mail. The course participant and instructor meet physically at the participant's workplace or online via Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Content and goals are agreed upon when the participant has completed the initial language test.

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