A job as an instructor

MASTER-LING is always interested in the best instructors. So if you think our product sounds interesting, please send us an application.

When we are looking for new instructors, we prioritize the following:


  • You have a qualification from a business school or university in the language you teach, or an equivalent level of qualification.
  • You have a high level of teaching ability.
  • You have previous teaching experience.


  • You enjoy teaching.
  • You have a flexible and professional attitude.
  • You have an open and positive mind.
  • You like a challenge.

And finally:

  • You have a desire to join a team of instructors who are all working to achieve results.
  • You have a willingness to demonstrate your teaching methods to us - even before you are employed.
  • You have a willingness to teach using MASTER-LING's teaching method - SYSTEM/MELODY.
  • You have the type of attitude that regards our quality control system as an exciting challenge.