Linguistic evaluation

- Get your linguistic competence evaluated

MASTER-LING provides different types of linguistic evaluation.

Evaluation of linguistic proficiency for the purposes of planning a course of instruction

In order to ensure that both the employee and the company receive the greatest possible benefit from a language instruction course with MASTER-LING, we carry out an evaluation of the employee’s linguistic proficiency before beginning the instruction. In this way, the instructor is able to adapt the content of the course to the employee’s linguistic starting-point.

A linguistic evaluation takes 60 minutes and is carried out online.

We also provide more detailed evaluations, in which an instructor attends your workplace and evaluates the employee’s linguistic proficiency before the start of the course.

Proficiency test in general spoken and business language (Duration: 60 minutes)
Proficiency test in written skills, focusing on coherence and accuracy (Duration: 60 minutes)
Online test (Duration: 60 minutes)
Impact Measurement (Duration: 60 minutes)
Linguistic evaluation during the process of employing a new member of staff

When a company engages a new employee, MASTER-LING can assist by carrying out an evaluation of the candidate’s linguistic proficiency.

Evaluation of general and professional language skills (Duration: 120 minutes)
Linguistic evaluation of writing skills: coherence, communicative effectiveness and accuracy (Duration: 120 minutes)