Measurable results

Targeted training courses with a focus on measurable results.

Our ability to measure the results achieved gives our clients the opportunity to see what they have received for their investment in time and money.

Impact measurement

If you wish to see the results you have achieved.- 

If your company or department wishes to see whether their investment in time and money matches the results you have achieved. –

- we can measure this using our Impact Measurement system.

At the initial proficiency test MASTER-LING tests the student’s linguistic abilities. This gives an accurate picture of which areas are to be worked on in order to achieve the desired results. Quality control of all elements of the course allows us to follow the process and work towards getting maximum benefit from the course. After the course we can perform Impact Measurement. This shows the skills that have been achieved and whether the desired results have been achieved.

Impact Measurement provides a documentation of the results.