Instructors in French


Marianne Brofald - Head of Romance languages

Marianne holds an M.A. and spent many years in Luxembourg, where she worked on behalf of the European Parliament and the European Commission.

Marianne teaches Danish, French and Italian, and has been with MASTER-LING since 1996.


Ulla Alsly

Ulla holds a master’s degree and is a qualified Property Manager (EA) and teaches Danish and French.

Ulla joined MASTER-LING in 1993.


Helle Kauffeldt Løber

Helle holds an M.A. in French and religion from Copenhagen University. Following her graduation, she qualified as a teacher of Danish as a foreign language.

She has taught French for more than 40 years and Danish for more than 20. She has also lived and studied in France and Belgium for a number of years.

Helle has ben with MASTER-LING since 1984.


Pauline Jupin

Pauline has an M.A. from France.

Pauline joined MASTER-LING in 2013.