(TYPE 1) Basic course

Course content:

Here, the focus is on learning to speak, listen, and read in Danish, so that a participant can perform at his/her workplace and in his/her everyday life. The course is adapted to the individual's level and needs, and the teaching can thus also include exercises that train a participant's ability to participate in conversations and meetings.

If the participant also wants to focus on writing, written assignments can be purchased, which the instructor corrects and returns with comments.

Topics can be, for example:

Small talk
Culture, cultural differences and manners
Everyday topics
Courtesy situations
Areas of business

Participant's linguistic starting point

The course is completed at the relevant level, from A1 (beginner) up to level B2 (intermediate level). Read more about these levels in the Common European Framework of Reference.

This is how it works:

The course can take place with physical meetings at the participant's workplace, or online via Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

The number of lessons, content, and goals are agreed upon when the participant has completed the initial language test.

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