French is spoken in many countries and by up to 200 million people. French is also the business language in many international organisations.

MASTER-LING provides individually tailored French courses at all levels. We have many years’ experience planning and carrying out French courses so that they meet the needs of companies, whether in general oral communication, business language, written French, or other purposes.

French instruction can take place on a one-to-one or group basis either at your own company or in MASTER-LING’s own classrooms in Hellerup.

Online French teaching

We also offer French teaching online via Skype.

Online language courses are ideal for employees who travel a great deal and therefore find it difficult to schedule regular meetings with an instructor.

Where possible, an online language program can be combined with face-to-face meetings with your French instructor.

A French language course with MASTER-LING provides you with:
Personal French language instruction, no matter where you are
A dedicated French instructor
An individually tailored language course
Effective and varied French instruction
Flexible meeting times
Insights into business and company culture in France and other French-speaking countries