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Guidelines for managing customer and employees personal information in regard to relationships with MASTER-LING, VAT no DK72592611.

Last updated 28th February 2019

In consequence of your agreement and association with MASTER-LING, you accept this privacy policy.


  1. General
  2. Personal information
    1. What is personal information?
    2. How long do we retain personal information?
    3. How do we use personal information?
    4. Right of access to your personal information
    5. Right to have your personal information corrected
    6. Right to have your personal information deleted
    7. How do we protect your personal information?
    8. Can we change how we handle personal information?
  3. Contact


By way of your agreement with MASTER-LING, personal information about you is collected. These guidelines are prepared in accordance with EU’s General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR and the Danish Data Protection Act, which supplements regulations in the Data Protection Regulation and the Personal Data Act (collectively referred to as ”existing law”).

Below you can read about how information is collected and managed, how it used, who has access to the information, and who you can contact if you have questions or queries in regard to the collected information.


1. What is personal information?

MASTER-LING asks for your standard contact information when you become an employee, request language evaluations, training or other services. This information includes name, address, postcode, telephone and mobile telephone numbers, email etc. This information is used to identify you as our employee or customer and to deliver the services you have paid for.

The personal information we collect in connection with the fulfillment of our agreement is stored in our IT system and/or in a physical register.

2. How long do we retain personal information?

Storage of personal information depends on how long your agreement with MASTER-LING lasts. When you buy a service from us, we need your personal information as documentation for agreements, courses etc. For the duration of the contractual relationship, the personal information is stored in our IT system, whereupon it is archived.

Your personal information will normally, in accordance with existing regulations, be stored at MASTER-LING or in a centralised IT data collection centre.

On termination of your relationship with MASTER-LING, your personal information will be retained for 5 years from the commencement of the accounting year in which the material first has bearing.

When personal information is no longer relevant, and we are no longer obliged to retain it, all personal information about you will be deleted.

3.How do we use personal information?

The personal information we collect from you is used first and foremost for standard employee or customer administration purposes such as fulfillment of contracts entered into with MASTER-LING.

The information will not as a rule be passed on to third parties.

Furthermore, your information can be used if this is necessary for MASTER-LING or a third party to pursue a legitimate interest, where those legitimate interests are not overridden by your rights or interests. Other instances of passing information on are permitted only when existing legislation allows it.

4. Right of access to your personal information

As an employee or a customer with MASTER-LING, you have the right to receive confirmation from MASTER-LING that your personal information is being used and, in some cases, the right to access your personal information.

Additionally, you have the right to request confirmation of receipt of your personal information provided by you to MASTER-LING.

You are also entitled to object to the way your personal data is handled.

5. Right to have your personal information corrected

You are entitled to have incorrect personal information about yourself corrected by MASTER-LING without unnecessary delay.

6. Right to have your personal information deleted

You have the right to have your personal information deleted by MASTER-LING without unnecessary delay if MASTER-LING no longer has a legitimate interest in retaining your personal information.

Please note that if MASTER-LING is obliged by existing legislation to retain your personal information, you are not entitled to demand the deletion of your personal information.

7. Protection of your personal information

According to existing legislation, your personal information must be stored safely and securely.

We store the personal information you give to MASTER-LING in our IT systems or physically in a locked archive.

MASTER-LING is using data processors according to Data Processing Agreements. Currently TangoTech ApS, and Google

Our security measures are checked on a continual basis to ensure that our management of personal information is done responsibly and with the rights of the customer taken into account.

8. Changes in management of personal information

We reserve the right to update and change present guidelines for the handling of personal information. If any changes are made, the date for ”last updated” will be changed.

These guidelines are assessed and, if necessary, revised annually.

3. Contact

If you wish to access your personal information, please contact MASTER-LING at

If incorrect data has been registered or you have any objections, you can contact us at the same email address.

You are entitled to access any information registered about you.

If you wish to complain about MASTER-LING’s handling of your personal information, you should contact Datatilsynet:
Datatilsynet - Borgergade 28, 5 - DK-1300 Copenhagen K Telephone: +45 33 19 32 00 E-mail: